Capacity Builders

Community Impact CIC offers training and development support to groups struggling to make an impact in some of the most marginalised, hardest to reach communities across Northern Ireland.

Figures show that there are 9,000 community groups across Northern Ireland. But how many of them are delivering the outcomes that local people need?

The groups are dealing with huge social need, with problems such as drug abuse, alcoholism, vandalism, unemployment and poverty, suicide prevention, low educational attainment, low self-esteem and dereliction.

These communities need to be empowered to solve these massive issues but with this mountain of a problem, most do not have the capacity to deliver effective, all-encompassing solutions.

To build capacity, these groups need support in strategy and vision, communications skills, leadership and a means of securing funding.

Community capacity building is about assisting people in communities to develop the skills and knowledge that they need to enable them to work together to bring about the positive change they want to see within their own communities.

Our programmes provides groups with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to help them contribute to their changing community. Our work is accredited and all participants have the potential to gain OCN (Open College Network) qualifications to level 1 and 2. 

We offer:

  • Strategy and Vision
  • Business Planning
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Researching, Managing and Securing Income
  • Project Planning

Community Impact CIC is a social enterprise run by a team with extensive experience in community leadership development and third sector fundraising. Our trainers have worked with many groups including Lighthouse Suicide Prevention, Ardoyne Shankhill Health Partnership, Positive Futures (Learning Disabilities), Action Cancer, Spring Board (NEETS), BYTES, TIDES, Fostering NI, and many others.

We understand the sector and know that will help, more groups will flourish and make a bigger impact in their community.